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9 Tips for Water Pump Safety

We at Pump Solutions Australasia would like to remind everyone to take the extra time to learn about pump safety. Water pumps don’t seem like they are dangerous, but they can cause a lot of water damage, personal injury, or even death if not operated properly.

We would like to give you some tips on water pump safety.  This post is by no means all-inclusive but is intended to remind you of some basics.

1. Always read your owner’s manual. No matter what brand pump you decide to purchase, every company knows how to operate their pumps with the highest degree of safety. While safety fundamentals are always the same, specifics often differ, depending on what brand and what type of pump you are installing.

2. Always make sure all safety guards and shields are in place while operating your water pump.

3. Never run an overheated pump. If your pump overheats, turn it off immediately, and allow it to return to air temperature. Then, vent the pump at the drain plug if applicable. Consult the owner’s manual before restarting.

4. Never use a pump for fluids for which it was not intended nor designed. The two most dangerous cases are using a water pump for corrosive or flammable fluids, such as acid or gasoline, and using a pump for fluids that are too viscous for the pump to safely transport.

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5. Always keep your pump at least 3 feet away from walls and other equipment during operation. This allows the pump’s motor or engine to ventilate properly and avoids turning the pump into a fire hazard if it overheats.

6. On engine-driven pumps always be careful not to overfill the fuel tank.  When you have filled the tank to the proper level, be sure to close the cap tightly.  Also, do not spill fuel during fuelling or refueling.

7. If the pump is a gas pump, remember that it emits carbon monoxide as it runs. Don’t run the engine indoors. If you must place the engine indoors, ventilate the area to the outside and seal it off from the rest of the building.

8. Never use a pump in a flammable or explosive environment. The heat from the pump could cause a fire or an explosion.

9. Keep your pump out of the reach of children, or keep your children away from the pump.

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