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How Does a Water Pump Work?

How Does a Water Pump Work?

If you have well water then keeping it flowing requires a pump. The purpose of the pump is to draw water from the well and put it into the piping system under pressure. This gets the water to go where you need it to go.

What is a water pump?

These are pumps designed to transport water from a lower level to a higher one. A pump operated properly will do its job for years tp come with few problems.

Simple manual pumps.

These are pumps that use mechanical energy provided by people to pump water. It usually consists of a pumping handle with a spout for the water to come out. This is the simplest and earliest way that moves the water for you but it works where there is no electric power.

Impeller pumps

Impeller pumps use a type of turbine that forces water through the system. This allows it to be ejected from the pump at high pressure. These are often the most powerful kinds of pumps, but they can be used at lower power levels.

How does a water pump work?

So how does a water pump work, you may ask? These pumps use a piston or a turbine to produce a partial vacuum to draw the water out of the well. The same piston or turbine is then used to increase the pressure of the water. This pressure, in turn, pushes the water out of the pump and down the pipes.

Manual pumps and how they work.

With a manual pump the user pushing a handle up and down. You push down on the handle to create a vacuum that closes a valve on the spout and draws water from the well. When you push the handle up the water pressure closes a valve to keep the water from going back into the well, while opening the one in the spout to push the water out.

Jet pumps and how they work.

In these pumps, the impeller spins like a jet turbine to push water. This causes the water to be at a pressure much higher than atmospheric pressure. It is usually powered by an electric motor that turns the impeller. However, there are some that use a gasoline motor for when electricity is not available.

Centrifugal pumps and how they work.

These pumps use a closed impeller to move the water. It is brought in through a central pipe and centrifugal force pushes it out to the edge. Once the water reaches the edge pressure from the water behind it forces it through the outtake.

How pumps work within a water system.>

The pump system, in a well water system, has the job of raising water out of the well. It then sends the water through the pipes under pressure. The pressure from the pump is how the water gets to where you need it.

There are many different types of water pumps, and they all have advantages and disadvantages. Most are electrically driven ways of continuously supplying water. No matter what kind of pump you may have, our company is here to help keep your well water flowing. So, if you are having trouble with your well water give us a call and we will help get it flowing again.

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