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Sewage Pump Safe Continuous Operation

Edit: MST Pump Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 02, 2017

 sewage pump Safe continuous operation

Sewage pump characteristics

① use a unique single leaf or double blade impeller structure, greatly improving the dirt through the ability to effectively pass the pump diameter of 5 times the fiber material and diameter of about 50% of the diameter of the pump particles.

② mechanical seal using a new hard corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide material, while the seal improved to double-sided seal, so that long-term operation in the oil chamber, the pump can run continuously for more than 8000 hours.

③ the overall structure of compact, small size, low noise, energy saving effect is significant, easy maintenance, no need to build pump room, dive into the water to work, greatly reducing the cost of the project.

④ The pump seal oil chamber is equipped with high precision anti-jamming leak detection sensor, and stator windings embedded in the thermal components, the absolute protection of the pump motor. ⑤ According to the needs of users with automatic safety control cabinet, the pump leakage, leakage, overload and over-temperature, such as absolute protection, improve product safety and reliability.

⑥ float switch can be based on the required liquid changes, automatic control of the pump start and stop, no special care, use is extremely convenient.

⑦ According to user needs with dual-rail automatic coupling installation system, it is to install, repair a great convenience, people do not have to enter the sewage pits for this. ⑧ can be used in the whole lift range, and ensure that the motor will not overload.

⑨ there are two different installation methods, fixed automatic coupling installation system, mobile free installation system. The same time as

The use of sewage pumps:

① enterprise unit wastewater discharge.

② urban sewage treatment plant emissions system.

③ subway, basement, air defense system drainage station.

④ hospitals, hotels, high-rise building sewage discharge.

⑤ residential sewage drainage station.

⑥ Municipal engineering, construction site in the dilute mud emissions.

⑦ water supply plant water plant.

⑧ farm effluent discharge and rural farmland irrigation.

⑨ exploration of mining and water treatment equipment.

⑩ instead of the shoulder pick people Tam, suction river mud. The same time as

Sewage pump in the structure and performance of self-priming sewage pump, drawing on the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, and many aspects of the majority of users to absorb the use of the requirements and provide improvements, developed from a set of self-absorption and sewage in one, that Can be like the general water self-priming pump that does not need the bottom of the valve, without the need for irrigation, but also pumping with large particles of solid blocks, long fiber dirt, sediment, waste impurities, fecal treatment and all engineering sewage and glue Liquid

Sewage pump selection and maintenance: the most critical problem for sewage pumps is the reliability problem, because the need to transport the media is a mixture of solid materials containing some of the problems, so that the sewage pump in the seal, the motor carrying capacity, bearing layout and Selection and other aspects of the requirements than the average pump to be high, so in the selection, we must understand the clear seal of the sewage pump and carrying capacity.

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