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What are Pumps?

Pumps are devices used for transporting fluids by the mechanical action of a piston, vane, or plunger. Different pumps serve different purposes in diverse settings – they are used in our homes to ensure continuous water supply for all our daily needs such as bathing, washing, cooking, and drinking; in agricultural fields for supplying water to crops effectively; in factories; in industries and in fire fighting equipment such as water sprinklers to tackle with extremely dangerous fire instances.

Overview of Pumps and its Working in Detail

The nature of the job the pump is meant to perform is of supreme importance in selecting the perfect pump for your requirement. Would you like to imagine the repercussions of choosing the wrong pump or not replacing a worn-out pump for your industrial setup?

There are multitudes of pumps available in the market for consumers to choose from. A little analysis will only be of great help for the frugal buyers by reducing the overall pump maintenance, replacement, and operational costs.

List of 5 Key Points to Take Care of While Buying Right Best Pumps

Here is a compiled list of five things you ought to consider, before spending money on that pump:-

1.Educate Yourself with the Types of Pumps and Their Uses

You can buy a large number of pumps online – from sewage submersible pumps to centrifugal pumps, rotary gear pumps, and booster pumps. Centrifugal pumps are generally driven by electric motors and possess one or more impellers. They can easily pump all kinds of liquids except liquids containing air or vapors; these pumps have the highest flow rates.

Buy the Centrifugal Pump by Oswal. Rotary gear pumps are used in construction purposes, chemical industry food manufacturing industry; buy the Eckon Rotary Gear Pump or the Kdlaac Rotary Gear Pump. Booster pumps are multistage pumps having more than one impeller. As the name suggests, these pumps are used to further enhance the pressure in the system. Buy the Crompton Greaves or the CRI Booster Pump.

2.Pump Specifications

  • The chemical composition of the fluid and its consistency is to be kept in mind before buying a pump
  • Know the number of gallons transferred per minute
  • The viscosity of the fluid to be pumped decides the robustness of the pump. Higher the viscosity of the fluid, higher is the required robustness of the pumping device.

3.Pressure & Temperature Specifications

Knowing the pressure conditions of the pump is of prime importance.

4.Calculate the Number of Pumps Required

Some large-scale projects require more than one pump to ensure smooth function. It is important that you analyze your requirement beforehand and then invest your money in more than one pump.

5.Choose the Right Power Source

If water is located in an overhead reservoir, a higher elevation, there is no need for any power source because gravity flow can flush the water down. Pumps can be powered by means of electricity or even wind. Electric motors are used extensively to drive pumps in various settings; they are comparatively cheaper than other power sources.

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