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Submersible Trash Water Pump

    • Sand Suction Pump Machine Price

      Sand Suction Pump Machine Price

      Sand Suction Pump Machine Price The MST-G Good quality sand gravel pumps for dredging rivers is single-stage single-suction horizontal centrifugal pump, connected by belt. It is light, good anti-cavitation performance and easy to install.It is applied to conveying of sands,...Read More
    • Gold Mining Slurry Pump

      Gold Mining Slurry Pump

      Gold mining slurry pump a) Caliber: DN25-DN400mm b) Flow:12-5040m3/hr c) Head:5-118 m d) Rotate speed:300-3800r/min e) Motor power:15-1200 KW f) Working temperature:≤80 °C Features 1. Mining slurry pump wet parts are made of wear-resistant high chromium alloy. 2. Mining...Read More
    • UL Listed Fire Pump Price

      UL Listed Fire Pump Price

      UL Listed Fire Pump Price Scope of application 1.Various fire hyrauts, fire main pump spray pump 2.Suitable for a variety of fire booster pump regulator occasions 3.A variety of villas, residential and other fire-fighting system 4.Industrial and cival construction of fire...Read More
    • 6 Inch Water Pump

      6 Inch Water Pump

      Type HW pumps are horizontal, single stage, single suction volute mixed-flow pumps. The pumps are designed to handle clean water or any other kinds of liquids with similar physical and chemical properties to water. The temperature of the liquids should be lower than 50℃.Read More
    • Back Pullout Water Pump

      Back Pullout Water Pump

      Water Pump Motor Price Introduction The ISA water pump fully confirm to the European pump standard DIN24255. The water pump has a back pull-out design, and when a suitable spacer coupling is fitted to a direct coupled unit, the casing and motor can remain inposition while all...Read More
    • High Pressure Steam Boiler Feed Water Pump

      High Pressure Steam Boiler Feed Water Pump

      High Pressure Steam Boiler Feed Water Pump Product Purpose Model DG high pressure steam boiler feed water pump is a horizontal multistage centrifugal pump and suitable for transporting pure water. The maximum liquid tempreture can be up to 160℃, and is also applicable for...Read More
    • 1000 Gpm Water Pump

      1000 Gpm Water Pump

      1000 gpm Water Pump 1000 gpm water pump structure 1000 gpm water pump performance curve 1000 gpm water pump with motor photoRead More

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