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Submersible Dirty Water Pump

    • Diesel Engine Fire Fighting Pump

      Diesel Engine Fire Fighting Pump

      Diesel Engine Fire Fighting Pump Fire Pump Description XBC series diesel engine fire-fighting pump include: Diesel fire pump end suction type Diesel fire pump multistage type Diesel fire pump split case type Jockey pump type Fire foam system Diesel Engine and Electric Motor...Read More
    • 10hp Submersible Water Pump

      10hp Submersible Water Pump

      10hp Submersible Water Pump Working Condition: Medium temperature: less than 60°C; gravity 1.0~1.3kg/m³; pH value between 5~9 For pump without internal gravity flow circulation cooling system, its motor reveals above liquid surface by less than 1/3 Submersible Water Pump...Read More
    • MAH8x6 Horizontal Slurry Pump

      MAH8x6 Horizontal Slurry Pump

      MAH 8x6 Horizontal Slurry Pump MAH8x6 slurry pumps are horizontal centrifugal slurry pump used for handling abrasive high density slurries with solids. General Application Mining Metallurgical Processing Civil Construction Heavy Industry Processing The wet parts material is...Read More

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