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1000 Gpm Water Pump

1000 Gpm Water Pump

1000 gpm Water Pump 1000 gpm water pump structure 1000 gpm water pump performance curve 1000 gpm water pump with motor photo

1000 gpm Water Pump

Application Scope

IS horizontal single-stage end suction water pump is used for clean water. The 1000gpm water pump is suitable for industrial and city water supply, drainage, pressure water supply fo high-rises, garden sprinkling, fire fighting booster, distance conveyance, cooling circulation in heating, bathroom and other cool or hot water whose tempreture is below 60℃. 


1000 gpm water pump structure


1000 gpm water pump performance curve


1000 gpm water pump with motor photo

1000gpm water pump photo.jpg

Installation instructions

  1. Before installation, first check whether the unit fastener is loosen or water pump channel is blocked, in order to prevent damage to impeller and pump body during operation. 

  2. The pipe weight should be added to the water pump in installation, in order to avoid any deformation of pumps. 

  3. Tighten the ground bold so that water pump performance will not be effected by vibration during starting. 

  4. In order to facilitate maintenance service and operate safely,a regulating valve is fixed in the inlet and outlet pipeline of the pump, and a pressure meter is installed near water pu p outlet so as to ensure that pump runs mormally in rated lift and flow range, thus prolongs the operation life of the pump. 

  5. Turn the pump shaft after installation, there should be no abrasion sound or chuck in the impeller, otherwise, you should take the pump apart to find out causes. 

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