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    • Split casing water pump list

      Split casing water pump list

      This S series of pumps are applicable for water supply for factories,mining,urban water supply and drainage,power stations, farmland irrigation and drainage,and soon.Shaft sealing is soft packing sealing.Read More
    • Fire Pump Set

      Fire Pump Set

      Fire Pump Set 1. Advantage a. Reliable: It can run in the condition of power cut. b. Fast: It can fully run in 15 seconds after the start signal c. Economic: No long time electric cost. d. Convenience: It can be remote controled by App in phones. 2. ComponentsRead More
    • Sulfuric Acid Transfer Chemical Pump

      Sulfuric Acid Transfer Chemical Pump

      Sulfuric acid transfer chemical pump Chemical pump Introduction Sulfuric acid chemical pump are suitable to professions and so on chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, food, drugs manufacture, environmental protection, wastewater disposal and...Read More
    • Submersible Soild Slurry Pump

      Submersible Soild Slurry Pump

      Submersible Solid Slurry Pump MST Submersible slurry pump are able to pump slurries containing 30% sands by volume. The submersible solids slurry pumps are equipped with a agitator impeller under the pump suction, which could mix the big solids with water. Heavy Duty...Read More
    • Electric Water Pump 10 hp

      Electric Water Pump 10 hp

      Electric water pump 10 hp Electric water pump descriprion ISA series end suction centrifugal pumps are designed complying to BS EN733/DIN24255 standard. This series of pumps have great advantages in interchangeable parts, high quality and low cost, wide applications in...Read More
    • High Lift Multistage Pump

      High Lift Multistage Pump

      High Lift Multistage pump Features of high lift multistage pump ‍ Cast iron, duct alloy, carbon steel, zinc free bronze, silicon brass or stainless steel construction (other materials available on request) High efficiency double suction impeller Durable, low noise, long life...Read More
    • Submerged Centrifugal Sump Pump

      Submerged Centrifugal Sump Pump

      Submerged Centifugal Sump Pump General Information The MSP range of submerged slurry sump pump has been designed to work over sumps and pits to transfer abrasive large particles and high density slurries. Being of cantilivered design, they do not require a shaft seal or water...Read More
    • Vertical Inline Booster Pump

      Vertical Inline Booster Pump

      Vertical Inline Booster Pump Main Features Vertical structure. the inlet and outlet are in the same center line, which can be installed in the pipeline as valve. The impeller is installed on the major axis of the motor directly, the axial is short in size, the structure is...Read More

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