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Boiler Water Circulation Pump

    • Sand Dredging Pump

      Sand Dredging Pump

      Sand Dredging Pump Product Feature 1.The bolt connect the high strength frame and cylinder bearing assembly are easy to installation and disassemble , and also easy to adjust the impeller clearance. 2.The discharge direction of pump can be oriented in any direction, easy...Read More
    • UL Listed Fire Pump

      UL Listed Fire Pump

      UL Listed Fire Pump Description SF series split casing fire pump is designed in accordance with all requirements of UL standard for safety(UL448). The characteristics of SF series fire pump are high flow rate, high efficiency, stable operation, low noise and long service...Read More
    • Fire Pump Set

      Fire Pump Set

      Fire Pump Set 1. Advantage a. Reliable: It can run in the condition of power cut. b. Fast: It can fully run in 15 seconds after the start signal c. Economic: No long time electric cost. d. Convenience: It can be remote controled by App in phones. 2. ComponentsRead More
    • Split casing water pump list

      Split casing water pump list

      This S series of pumps are applicable for water supply for factories,mining,urban water supply and drainage,power stations, farmland irrigation and drainage,and soon.Shaft sealing is soft packing sealing.Read More
    • MSP Vertical Slurry Pump

      MSP Vertical Slurry Pump

      MSP Vertical Slurry Pump Specification abrasion-resistant metal wet parts 2.All parts immersed in liquid 3.centrifugal mining vertical slurry pump Performance Curves Vertical Slurry Pump Show For more information, you can contact me via More
    • 150m Head Water Pump

      150m Head Water Pump

      150m Head Water Pump 150m head water pump details Structure Construction Type D water pump is consist of stator, rotor, bearing, shaft seal. 1. Stator: The main parts are suction casding, stage casing, discharge casing and diffuser, they are screw up by poles, to become a...Read More
    • SB Series Centrifugal Sand Pump

      SB Series Centrifugal Sand Pump

      SB series centrifugal sand pump Summary The SB series centrifugal sand pumps is designed for pumping drilling fluid or industrial suspension (slurry), the use of advanced design theory can be pumping abrasive, liquid viscosity (resistance) and corrosion. Compared with an...Read More

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