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Horizontal Slurry Pump Material Of The Excellent

Edit: MST Pump Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 05, 2017

Horizontal Slurry Pump Material of the excellent

The superiority of the horizontal mud pump material determines its very light texture, so that the horizontal mud pump looks beautiful natural simple and harmonious, horizontal mud pump quality workmanship now horizontal mud pump solder joints are very solid and reliable, and Horizontal mud pump mesh evenly through the scientific and reasonable all-round set, while the horizontal mud pump can make the flat surface beautiful and has a high durability and corrosion resistance. The scope of the horizontal mud pump is very large to meet the needs of all walks of life, such as horizontal mud pump can be used for building decoration and urban subway and railway construction, while horizontal mud pump can also be used Municipal buildings and covers and other construction areas. Horizontal mud pump is a cage-like box, horizontal mud pump in the performance, technology, structure and so has many advantages, still has a low price, less maintenance features, so more and more horizontal Mud pump industry widely recognized and loved. Horizontal mud pump can be described as numerous, for the development and progress of today's society has made an indelible, can not ignore the contribution. The embodiment of scientific and technological progress is the emergence of more inventions that benefit people's lives, and horizontal mud pumps are proof of technological progress. Since ancient times, horizontal mud pump from the initial form of continuous development, after several innovation and reform, has gradually enriched and improved up. In fact, the mud pump for the river which played a great role, its performance is characterized by the development of non-metallic wear-resistant sand pump, the pump flow components are all made of modern non-metallic wear-resistant materials, Wear resistance and corrosion resistance and other related properties, the mud pump in the work of the site after the fixed, it should be checked under the main engine spindle is a bearing above, if that is different, then it should immediately adjust the accurate data, And its inlet pipe should be supported by the load, to avoid the pipeline gravity applied to the pump, the pipe installation should be from the mud pump inlet and outlet flange outward extension, and immediately do support and positioning to ensure that the corresponding work Can continue, mud pump work must be filled into the filling chamber of high pressure water.

This time to protect the bearing part of the components, the main pump in the normal work, please do not close the high pressure water pump, this time the water pressure should be greater than the working pressure of the sediment pump, so that the filling chamber components in the absence of clean water will soon There is a wear. Have you have a mud pump or a mud pump? Do you know the maintenance and repair requirements of the mud pump? Among them, divided into the use of the Notes, the daily maintenance and management, these are important to protect your mud pump requirements.

First of all, is to mention the use of the process of attention: before starting, to confirm the inlet and outlet pipes are not blocked, to confirm the front and rear bearings filled with butter, check the packing must be full; work, pay attention to equipped with high pressure water pump, The protection of the filler, the mud pump is put into work when absolutely can not close the washing pump to avoid the occurrence of rapid sealing part of the seal; In addition, the gap between the impeller and the guard should be reasonable to avoid damage to the flow components. In addition, the use of large particles of sediment construction should pay attention to the often muddy parts of the mud pump to check, if necessary, timely repair or replacement. The daily maintenance of course, can not be ignored. Personnel responsible for the maintenance and repair of construction machinery are indispensable to the construction department, requiring them to regularly check the mud pump, maintenance, otherwise, the loss caused by downtime will pay more than these. In addition, you can come in with advanced anti-wear measures, this will not only improve the service life of vulnerable parts, but also can reduce the input of the project to improve production efficiency.

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