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Water Pump

    • Vertical Inline Booster Pump

      Vertical Inline Booster Pump

      Vertical Inline Booster Pump Main Features Vertical structure. the inlet and outlet are in the same center line, which can be installed in the pipeline as valve. The impeller is installed on the major axis of the motor directly, the axial is short in size, the structure is...Read More
    • 150m Head Water Pump

      150m Head Water Pump

      150m Head Water Pump 150m head water pump details Structure Construction Type D water pump is consist of stator, rotor, bearing, shaft seal. 1. Stator: The main parts are suction casding, stage casing, discharge casing and diffuser, they are screw up by poles, to become a...Read More
    • 100hp Water Pump

      100hp Water Pump

      100hp water pump 100hp water pump Technical Datasheet 250S-39 Clean Water Performance Curve The 100hp water pump could be used for water supply and drainage in factories, mines and cities, power station, farm irrigation and all kinds of hydraulic projects.Read More
    • 1000 Gpm Water Pump

      1000 Gpm Water Pump

      1000 gpm Water Pump 1000 gpm water pump structure 1000 gpm water pump performance curve 1000 gpm water pump with motor photoRead More
    • 6 Inch Water Pump

      6 Inch Water Pump

      Type HW pumps are horizontal, single stage, single suction volute mixed-flow pumps. The pumps are designed to handle clean water or any other kinds of liquids with similar physical and chemical properties to water. The temperature of the liquids should be lower than 50℃.Read More
    • Back Pullout Water Pump

      Back Pullout Water Pump

      Water Pump Motor Price Introduction The ISA water pump fully confirm to the European pump standard DIN24255. The water pump has a back pull-out design, and when a suitable spacer coupling is fitted to a direct coupled unit, the casing and motor can remain inposition while all...Read More
    • Electric Water Pump 10 hp

      Electric Water Pump 10 hp

      Electric water pump 10 hp Electric water pump descriprion ISA series end suction centrifugal pumps are designed complying to BS EN733/DIN24255 standard. This series of pumps have great advantages in interchangeable parts, high quality and low cost, wide applications in...Read More
    • High Lift Multistage Pump

      High Lift Multistage Pump

      High Lift Multistage pump Features of high lift multistage pump ‍ Cast iron, duct alloy, carbon steel, zinc free bronze, silicon brass or stainless steel construction (other materials available on request) High efficiency double suction impeller Durable, low noise, long life...Read More
    • Diesel Water Pump High Pressure

      Diesel Water Pump High Pressure

      Diesel Water Pump High Pressure Diesel Water Pump High Pressure Performance Ranges Diesel Water Pump High Pressure Pump PartsRead More
    • Split Casing Water Pump

      Split Casing Water Pump

      This S series of pumps are applicable for water supply for factories,mining,urban water supply and drainage,power stations, farmland irrigation and drainage,and soon.Shaft sealing is soft packing sealing.Read More
    • Trailer Mounted Water Pump

      Trailer Mounted Water Pump

      Trailer Mounted Water Pump Our diesel pump ranges Our diesel engine drivened centrifugal pumps ranges:IS series single stage end suction water pump;MS centrifugal hoirizontal split case water pump;D type high pressure water pump;ZW self priming water pump;MAH series slurry...Read More
    • Diesel Engine Water Pump

      Diesel Engine Water Pump

      Diesel Engine Water Pump Introduction Agricultural irrigation diesel water pump can handle clean water and the liquid of which physical and chemical properties are similar to clean water. Usage It is used for industrial and city clean water supply and drainage, irrigation,...Read More
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