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Double Suction Dewatering Pump

    • 400kw Centrifugal Pump

      400kw Centrifugal Pump

      400kw water pump General Description 400kw water pump is a single-stage double suction horizontal split centrifugal water pump.It is used to transport pure water and the liquid which physical and chemical nature is similar with water,the maximum tempreture isn't more than...Read More
    • 100hp Water Pump

      100hp Water Pump

      100hp water pump 100hp water pump Technical Datasheet 250S-39 Clean Water Performance Curve The 100hp water pump could be used for water supply and drainage in factories, mines and cities, power station, farm irrigation and all kinds of hydraulic projects.Read More
    • Split casing water pump list

      Split casing water pump list

      This S series of pumps are applicable for water supply for factories,mining,urban water supply and drainage,power stations, farmland irrigation and drainage,and soon.Shaft sealing is soft packing sealing.Read More
    • Cast Iron Flood Drain Axial Split Case Water Pump

      Cast Iron Flood Drain Axial Split Case Water Pump

      XS Type Cast Iron Flood Drain Axial Split Case Water Pump is a new generation of high performance single-stage double-suction centrifugal split pumps used to handle clean water.Read More

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