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Water Pump Failures Causes And Methods

Edit: MST Pump Co.,Ltd    Date: Dec 06, 2017
FailurePossible CausesMethods
1.Pump not suck water, both pointers of manometer and vacuometter severly jump. 

a:Water input the water pump is not enough

b:Air leakage on water input pipes and instruments

a:Input more water into water pump

b:Tighten and block the air leakage parts

2.Pump not suck water, high vacuum shown on vacuometer

a:Bottom valve not opened or blocked up

b:Too large resistance of the suction pipeline

c:too high suction height

a:adjust or replace bottom valve

b:clean or replace water input pipes

c:reduce water input height

3.No water out through pressure is shown on manometer

a:too large resistance on outlet pipeline

b:Uncorrect rotating direction

c:Impeller blocked up 

d:Insufficient rotating speed

a:clean or shorten water pipe

b:clean rotation direction of motor 

c:clean impeller

d:increase rotation speed of water pump

4.Pump flow rate reduced or pump lift drops

a:impellers or piprs are jammed

b:too serious abrasion on seal rings or impellers

c:rotation speed is too low

a:clean impellers and pipes

b:replace damaged parts

c:adjust to rate rotation speed

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